ANX Global inspires to establish a solid and proficient communication network between producers and distibutors.

Market Analysis

ANX Global provides personalised and coherent market analysis.

Account Management

ANX Global develops and optimises a proficient export department and support.

What else we provide?

Custom Fit

ANX Global offers a custom service based on the specific needs of its clients, so that they can reach their goals on the international market.

  • Logistics

    ANX Global provides its clients with a technical support to help them with the inherent steps of logistics.

  • Trust

    ANX Global aims to build a bridge based on trust between producers and distributors with transparency and long term partnerships.

About Us

ANX Global is a company based in Canada with ties in Belgium and Portugal. It is intended as a vector of export development for small and medium businesses wanting to grow on the international market. We deliver personalized service, high quality monitoring and leading-edge expertise at each stage of the project development process.